Common Questions


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here, along with some from prospective customers.  Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Only a few times a year.  We use special techniques and algorithms which have allowed us to REDUCE the number of updates required on rate decks, yet still keep them low and up-to-date for all our customers! This is a major benefit to working with Voifone Carrier vs other wholesale carriers who find it necessary to update their rate decks as much as multiple times every month.  Our infrequent rate changes make a more stable environment for our customers and cause them less hassle and time-consuming updates.

Yes! In addition to providing some of the lowest rates to USA destinations, we provide high-quality routes to most countries. We have omitted a few countries which have extraordinarily high rates and which have a history of scams. However, these few restricted areas do not seem to have impacted our customers.

No!  On the contrary. The same low rates are available to all forms of traffic. We do create specialty rate decks for some of our high-traffic customers to better suit their needs.  If you qualify as a high-traffic customer (above 1 million minutes monthly average) and want us to consider a customized rate deck for you, please let us know.

Our servers are some of the fastest high-capacity telecom servers in the industry and are physically located in Oregon, USA for traffic to the United states.  For International traffic, we have servers in Texas, Hong Kong, Singapore, England, New York, Australia and several other European countries.

Yes. ITSP’s have discovered our low rates and high quality service increase their margins and make for happy customers!

“Maybe”.  The vast majority of our customers are on pre-paid accounts. Why?  Because our low rates also mean we have very thin margins and cannot afford any credit losses.  This is one of the ways we have been able to keep our rates so low.  Having said that, we “do” offer credit terms to some larger customers. To qualify, a customer must have very high traffic and have a high D & B rating, plus meet additional strict credit qualifications.  So, “yes” it’s possible, but very few customers qualify.  (In fact, even most of our largest customers do NOT have credit terms, and have not used this feature even when they qualify.) If you think you may qualify, feel free to ask.

Yes. Here ya go!

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Of course!  We offer a free test account to all legitimate prospective customers, whether large or small.  We’ll even provide you a small test credit so you can “try before you buy.”  Just complete the Free Test Account form and we can usually have you set up within 1 business day.  We do require that test traffic be done as a scheduled event to ensure our engineers are available during your test to monitor traffic and ensure a successful experience.

Through email.  Please send your issue to  You may also complete the form on the Contact Us page.  We understand sometimes support issues are urgent.  In such cases, feel free to call our office phone number at any time.  We’ll try to answer during non-business hours, but if we cannot, please leave a message.  Here is our office number:  1-801-810-5506.

We accept bank wires, cashier’s checks, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards plus American Express cards for USA-based customers.  NOTE:  We apply the NET amount received to your account. This  means we deduct the fee charged by PayPal and the card processors and apply only the amount deposited to our bank account.  Often, bank wires are the most economical payment method. For most customers who are based outside the USA, we recommend bank wires.  However, we can PayPal, credit and debit cards from non-USA customers after approval.

All payments are considered earned when paid.  We do not offer refunds. However, if there are errors attributable to us or our switch performance, a credit can be issued after appropriate investigation.  The full text of our Refund Policy is on this website.

Yes.  Like most low-cost wholesale VoIP carriers we operate on very narrow margins.  When paying from the USA, we discount the amount you pay to defray our fees charged by the payment processors and the discounts taken by our own underlying vendors and carriers.  We discount the amount you pay by the following percentage depending on your payment method:


  • 2.5% discount when you pay with a Visa credit or debit card.
  • 2.5% discount when you pay with a MasterCard credit or debit card.
  • 2.5% discount when you pay with a Discover credit card.
  • 3.5% discount when you pay with an American Express card.
  • 3.5% discount when you pay with PayPal.
  • 0.0% for direct bank wires.
  • 0.0% (NO FEE) for direct ACH transfers.
  • 0.0% Cashier’s Check (Pre-Approval is required).
  • 0.0% Cash or Cash Transfer (Cash in person, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.)
  • If fees are higher than noted above, we will apply the NET amount deposited to our bank account.


The International banking system imposes higher fees on cards and some wire and/or ACH transfers from non-USA-based payments. This may increase the fees from the above amounts. In all cases we apply the NET amount deposited to our bank account.

Discounts are based on the amount actually received by the company. There is no adjustment for foreign exchange rates. We apply the amount we receive to your account.

No.  There are no minimum payment requirements, however we will deduct a minimum fee of $1.25 when paying with a bank card or PayPal if the payment is less than $50.00.  You can make payment from our website payment page when using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit or debit cards by simply entering any amount you wish to pay and completing the payment process.  The maximum payment we accept from credit cards is $5,000.00.  Higher amounts require bank wire.  We reserve the right to wait until funds clear your bank and are available in our bank account on all payments.

No, we’re sorry, customers are responsible for their own wiring fees from their financial institution.