Hosted Switching Platform

Our system delivers a redundant, high capacity SIP switch, in a self-healing cloud infrastructure. The network is modularized for limitless scalability and spontaneous growth. Spawned by years of real life production across numerous landscapes of demands our platform and software were built from the ground up by our host partners right here in the USA.  Our high-end support staff know the code and resolve all issues quickly; and our low-end support staff are always available to offer quick resolutions to common issues. We’re the most tested, performance proven platform available for wholesale carriers, service providers, call centers, voice broadcast and small telephony operators worldwide.

Our system is a very high CPS SIP switch, featuring

  • LCR & QOS routing
  • Mixed LRN & dialed number routing
  • Real time billing updates
  • Billing engine with pre-and-post-pay tracking
  • Full NPANXX routing with Inter, Intra and Indeterminate jurisdictions
  • Auto notification of new rate decks
  • Weekly, nightly and real-time reports
  • Multiple error response models
  • Comprehensive CDR’s

The switch is blindingly fast, agile, and built lean in order to perform in all telecom weather conditions. You’ll easily manage activity fluctuations from high density call attempts down to adjustments for those legacy systems running at slow calls per second. The system is built on a foundation of reliability and fault tolerance refined and tested by years of production and a record of 99.999% uptime.

The Web interface is user-friendly, secure, has military grade encryption, and can be accessed from any internet connection. The interface is feature rich with an array of preferences expected in any established industrial grade cloud based network.

Set up your free account by clicking the button below.  We have so much to offer. The system was designed, developed, and deployed on the premise of functionality, first and foremost; very much unlike other systems where structure rules. Structure should never hinder functionality. Managing your traffic should never be encumbered by layers of proprietary licenses and restrictive access. Our network is in a continuous evolution of improvements and changes, keeping in pace with the telecom community. Come see for yourself what we have to offer and set up your free account.