In the Wholesale VoIP Termination business, experience counts . . .

Our founder has been in and around telecom since the mid-1980’s having built and operated call centers, voice broadcast systems, SMS platforms, ITSP’s, in addition to Voifone Carrier. Check out the stats from our founder’s history in the industry together with our underlying switch and  customer base.

Billion Minutes
Worldwide Routes
Countries Covered
CEO Telecom Years


USA Wholesale VoIP Termination Carrier

Voifone Carrier is a Tier-1 LCR and Fail-Over wholesale VoIP termination carrier and aggregator.  Our switch is blazing fast and designed to provide low-cost, high-quality wholesale VoIP termination services to call centers, corporations and others.  Unlike others, we service short-duration dialers at the same low-cost rates as call center traffic without penalty. Experience the best service possible for all your domestic USA and International VoIP termination needs.




Bulk SMS Service

In addition to providing world-class wholesale VoIP termination services, we also provide bulk SMS service.   Our coverage extends to 228 countries and 1,099 carriers worldwide.  We use only premium routes to ensure the highest possible delivery rates.  Our user interface is simple and elegant, allowing you to focus on running your business instead of an extensive learning curve to use the system.

Cheap International Calls (ITSP)

Voifone Communicator allows you to call nearly every country on earth, cell phones and landlines, at true wholesale rates without any subscriptions or calling plans.  Just load funds and dial. Specify any Caller ID you want and billing is rounded to 6-seconds for most countries.  You can also get a USA phone number than will ring anywhere you are, in virtually all countries; it’s a great way to let your contacts call you at very low rates.